Register for a One-on-One Brand Workshop

Think of your brand as a living and breathing organism that requires constant attention and care. During our one-on-one brand workshops, we’ll go over best practices for developing your brand and breathing new life into your organization.

    What is branding?

    Most people think of branding as just a logo or colors. While those are important aspects of a brand, it only begins to scratch the surface of what a brand fully encompasses.

    The whole package.

    A brand represents the whole package. Your visual identity (logo, fonts, colors, etc.) make up just one cog in the wheel. Your brand includes your mission, purpose and the promise you make to your community.

    Control your narrative.

    If your brand isn’t clear in the messaging you use on your website, social media channels, marketing materials, or consistent among your teachers and staff, you’re risking others shaping your narrative instead of shaping it yourself.

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