Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

A letter from our co-founders, Austin and Thomas Rhodes.

Changing your narrative requires big ideas, bold transformation, and the desire to lean forward into what’s next. Helping schools develop those big and bold ideas worth rallying around is what gets us up in the morning.

Rhodes Branding was born out of a belief that every student should be proud of where they go to school. When schools partner with us, that original belief and vision are kept at the forefront of our work together. To know where we’re going together, we dive deep into where you’ve been and develop a roadmap to help you change the narrative and ensure your long-term success.

The ideal team member, no matter the skills, talents or background, needs to have a serving attitude and a passion for making bold changes in education. People are either givers or takers, and, with an office full of givers, our office is like no other. If you are an authentic giver with skills and a passion for education and helping others, we would love it if you applied for one of our openings. Our company is growing rapidly and we welcome you to learn more by reaching out to us.

All the best,

Austin and Thomas Rhodes

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Current Opportunities

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