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Career and technical education primes students with both academic intelligence and real-world expertise for the careers of tomorrow. When you work with us, we ensure your CTE programs resonate with students, families, and local businesses.

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Your Bridge to Success

CTE programs are more than just subjects; they are the very pathways that guide students toward their brightest futures.


Harness the power of informed decision-making with our holistic program analysis and future-forward consultations. We’re dedicated to refining your program and fostering deep connections with all stakeholders.


Strengthen your program’s reputation and reach with targeted awareness campaigns and meaningful local partnerships. From stakeholder engagement to community awareness campaigns, we ensure your CTE program maintains relevance and resonates.


Elevate your CTE program’s image with a compelling brand narrative and dynamic multimedia content. Our creative solutions span digital and print, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence across all platforms.

Amplify Your Story

Our goal is to amplify your CTE story. Our strategic expertise ensures that every touchpoint – whether with students, families, or local businesses – creates a lasting impact, driving both participation and understanding.

Build Connections

We're all about creating genuine connections. By tying your CTE initiatives to local industry, we ensure alignment with their workforce development aspirations, crafting a mutual pathway to prosperity.

Breaking the Mold

It's time to cast aside outdated perceptions of career and technical education. Today’s CTE transcends the antiquated vocational schools of the past. This is about pioneering the future. And it's unfolding right before our eyes.

Southeast Career Technical Academy

Defining brand messaging for the top U.S. magnet school.

The top magnet school in the United States, Southeast Career Technical Academy (SECTA) is a Clark County School District five-star school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its innovative majors, SECTA is creating new pathways for its students, differing from its peers by curating rigorous and meaningful coursework that furthers students’ understanding, skills, and networks to advance in their chosen careers. 

SECTA students and teacher with car engine
Portland Public Schools

Building visual alignment for College & Career Readiness and CTE

With its robust system of Student Pathways and nearly 80 CTE programs, Portland Public Schools offers a wealth of opportunities for students to succeed. PPS turned to Rhodes Branding to develop clarity for its initiatives.

Florence School District 3

Enhancing CTE visibility for Florence School District 3

Located in lower Florence County, Florence School District 3 is the second largest of the five school districts in the county. Florence 3 hired Rhodes Branding to bolster the visibility of its college and career readiness programs.

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