Fundraising & Development

Alumni engagement is more than just helping organize class reunions. We dive deep to understand the needs, motivations, and mindset of alumni, supporters and potential donors to create clear and compelling campaigns that drive engagement and philanthropy.

How are you engaging with your alums?

Our team can help schools engage with their alumni, parents, supporters and donors in a variety of different ways to ensure they are reaching the people who care the deepest. Whether it’s launching an annual fund or developing materials for the next donor pitch, our team can help. We have a breadth of knowledge in this area and have worked with development and fundraising teams to raise much-needed dollars for scholarships, capital projects, facility enhancements, school materials, and much more.

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of donors appreciate some form of personal “thank you” for their gift or membership. (Marketing General Inc.)

What happens next?

Education is evolving faster than ever, and schools of all shapes and sizes are at a pivotal brand moment. Connect with us today and let’s get started together.

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