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5 Ways to Use your HR Page as a Recruiting Tool

With hiring season in full swing, every school and district is looking to gain a valuable leg up on the competition. Human Resource departments in the K-12 space all are in uncharted waters with the elimination of in-person recruitment fairs on their campuses and hosted by colleges.
While some are shifting their focus and resources to paid digital ads, email campaigns, and virtual hiring events, many often overlook one crucial avenue as a recruitment resource – the hr website. Here are five easy ways to turn your main hr page from information only hub to an active part of your hiring strategy.

Spruce Up Your HR Landing Page

One of the first things to look at is how your hr landing page appears? Think of your landing page as the first impression. Does your first impression tell a potential rock star candidate that your district or school is the place for them to grow and develop as a teacher? That they’ll have support from the administration and work with a group of coworkers that will feel more like a family? If not, it’s time to make a few simple changes starting with adding photos that showcase your school or district and help your story.

Use Video Testimonials

There is no better way to show and share your culture than testimonials from your organization’s people. Let potential future employees see and hear directly from your staff all of the great things that happen on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Here are 10 of the best HR videos from companies.

Sell Your City or Town

Your location is just as crucial as your culture when it comes to recruiting talent, so highlight it. A great starting point for area information to showcase is local chambers of commerce or tourism departments. They’ll have photos and video footage to accompany any facts to highlight and will likely even have polished pieces of content ready to embed directly on your page.

Use Infographics

In 2021, people want to avoid long paragraphs of text or, even in some cases, a short string of sentences. With the rise of social media platforms and short-form content, infographics are quickly becoming the best way to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. We suggest finding your district’s points of pride and slogans to create eye-popping visuals.

Be Authentic

That might seem simple, but potential employees will see right through any misleading information. If your school or district isn’t in the biggest town or have the biggest and best resources, lean into your culture and family atmosphere. Can you email your district’s superintendent? Does your school have a teaching academy that fosters professional growth? Find what makes your school or district unique and tell your story.