Four pillars of recruitment marketing

Whether you’re hiring a teacher, curriculum coordinator, admissions officer, or superintendent, getting the right people to land on your jobs is about branding and differentiation. Recruiting is marketing, yet many human resources professionals fail to utilize necessary marketing efforts to ensure their job postings get in front of the right people.

From a recruitment marketing perspective, we believe there are four pillars. 

1. Your brand mission and value proposition

We covered this in an earlier blog, but defining your value proposition and what you stand for clearly and compellingly is essential to prospective employees. It’s naive to think prospective employees aren’t digging around your website or social media channels to get a sense of your organizational culture and what you stand for.

Put your school’s mission and value proposition directly in front of them. Highlight what it’s like to work at your school with testimonial videos from current employees. Whether you’re offering a signing bonus or allow staff to wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays, talk about the various benefits of working at your school and why your staff love coming to work every day.

2. Your careers website

How is your career site built and optimized? Yes, it should look modern and tell your school’s story, but does it maximize the candidate’s ability to easily submit their application and be attracted to the job itself? Is your career site optimized for mobile, and can a job-seeker easily apply on a mobile device?

If you have a website analytics tool set up on your site, like Google Analytics, you can easily see the mobile vs. desktop breakdown of the traffic hitting your career site. If the vast majority of your traffic is mobile, yet your site isn’t mobile-friendly and optimized, you could be losing out on quality candidates. Here are five ways you can improve your human resources landing page.

3. Job advertisements

Many human resources departments don’t bat an eye and spend large amounts of money posting job vacancies on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, and many other job boards. Managing your advertising spend effectively and efficiently is critical, yet many human resources departments lack the necessary tools to measure their return on investment (ROI) on utilizing these platforms. Before devoting advertising dollars to one of these platforms or other online channels, ensure your ability to measure its effectiveness.

4. Social media

Most of the people you’re trying to reach for that job vacancy actively work at another school or organization. Yet, most of your time and dollars are spent advertising on job boards like the ones mentioned above. Prospective candidates who actively work at another school or organization might not actively engage with one of those job boards. Still, they are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other social media platforms. Find a way to connect with the right people on social media and get them to look at your job content. If implemented properly, your ads will stand out and engage prospective employees.

Focusing on these four pillars will only strengthen your recruitment efforts and help you reach the right people for your open job vacancies.

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Dan Wyar