Our purpose is simple.

Rhodes Branding was launched after several years of development by two brothers, Austin and Thomas. They had a vision for a company that partners with school districts and schools to create powerful brand experiences.

For any organization seeking to entrust their brand and image to a communications partner, there is no more important factor than trust. Austin and Thomas know the power of trust and that is why they included their family name in the company name. Affordability, a track record of success and proven experience is a key factor in choosing a partner to bring a brand to life, as well. That is why we are open with our pricing and we’ve carefully hired people that are passionate about education and have experience in all facets of communications, marketing and design.

Schools and districts are a tight-knit community of passionate professionals that are 100 percent focused on creating student-centered learning environments that set up students for success. Teachers and administrators don’t choose to work in education to become multi-millionaires or drive fancy cars. They choose to work in education because they love to mentor students and create vibrant intellectual communities to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders.

K-12 schools are the backbone of this country and our team wants nothing more than to see students succeed, educators and support staff feel supported, and communities feel a sense of pride in the schools they send their family to.

The bottom line: our success only comes from the successes of our clients.

We are not normal in many ways and we’re proud of that! To effectively partner with hundreds of school districts and bring value, we have created a model that is unlike others.

The clients we’re fortunate enough to work with are changing the lives of students on a daily basis and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. And, while we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Connect with any of our team members today and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have or walk you through what a relationship with Rhodes Branding looks like. Your success is our success.

What makes us different?

  • Our prices are open. We know your time is valuable and this is likely going to be the first question you ask us.
  • We provide ongoing support and believe it’s not optional. To succeed, we must work together. We take great pride in promoting your district or school. This is an ongoing process and we’re by your side.
  • We’re humans! The last thing you need is another process or software to manage. Our services are not another item on your plate, our goal is to declutter your plate!
  • We eat, sleep and breathe K-12! It’s tempting to work with other industries but we believe K-12 needs our full attention.
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