Our founders, Austin & Thomas Rhodes, spent seven years developing a vision for a purpose-driven company focused on helping K-12 schools. In 2019, Rhodes Branding officially launched with the support of education and business leaders in its downtown Columbia, SC office. 

It is our goal to bring together the creativity of a branding and marketing agency with the supply chain and industry expertise of a sign and merchandise company. By streamlining the design process and cutting out operational inefficiencies, we developed a model that is successful for our clients.

We, as a team of creative doers and operational wizards, believe that school brands have the power to inspire students and communities. The team we have built to serve schools nationwide is world class - with more than 100 years of industry experience. 

By partnering with Rhodes Branding, you will be on-boarded through an extensive discovery process that allows us to dive deep into your school's identity. Research, design, and collaboration is our special sauce.


A brand is more more than a logo, tag line, mascot or campaign. It's a story about you and a promise about the experience you offer!