Building a brand from the ground up

Sitting just outside of the Jacksonville metropolitan area is the innovative and highly-rated St. Johns County School District. St. Johns County School District is Florida’s top-rated school district, boasting programs and initiatives that allow students to put their ideas into action and gain hands-on experiences in areas that prepare them for college, career, and life success. 


Joining the St. Johns County School District family in August of 2021 is Tocoi Creek High School, the district’s eighth and newest high school. With principal Jay Willets leading the school’s branding committee, the name Tocoi Creek High School was one of several options presented at a school board meeting in the fall of 2020. Once the name was selected by the school board, Mr. Willets and the Rhodes Branding team rolled up their sleeves and began working on bringing the school to life.


  • No school identity and story
  • No school following
  • No brand recognition around St. Augustine and throughout Florida


  • Develop a unique visual identity that gives Tocoi Creek a competitive edge
  • Establish brand guidelines to ensure long-lasting consistency
  • Develop content for multi-channel brand launch
  • Launch an online team shop in conjunction with brand launch


  • Developed a family of logos including academic marks, spirit marks, and athletic marks for the new school
  • Created excitement around the launch of the new school
  • Online team shop generated more than $10,000 in revenue
  • Increased brand recognition in community prior to the school opening
  • Established logo licensing program

By the numbers:


video views on launch videos


impressions on launch content


revenue generated on online team shop


best school district in Florida

*Ratings and statistics via

The first step in the process was to create the school’s family of marks. The team knew launching a new school was a hard enough challenge, so a strong visual identity to unify the new students and their families were vital.  It was essential to also tap into the area’s rich Spanish heritage and Native American influence.


The second step was to develop a rollout plan for the new marks. The result was series of social media posts, including a motion graphic video accompanied by explanation graphics of each mark. As an added component, Rhodes Branding worked with the school to have a school shop ready for families to purchase merchandise.

"We couldn’t be more excited about launching this new identity to the St. Augustine community. We’re confident these marks convey the tenacity, boldness, and strong-willed mindset our students will embody both in the classroom, on performance stages, and on the field.”
Jay Willets

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