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Our solutions reinforce a cohesive brand for your organization at every touchpoint, ensuring your look and message are consistent.

Brand Development

Is your school’s look and feel outdated? Does it represent who you currently are and what makes you unique? Your students, parents and alumni expect a consistent brand across all channels. When was the last time you did a comprehensive brand audit on your school?

Environmental Design

Studies show school facilities are proven to impact teaching and learning in profound ways. Our team of designers can help you revamp your spaces in a dynamic way that reinforces your school’s brand and inspires your community.

Digital & Social Media

The average person spends more than 2 hours per day online, which means you need to have a solid social and digital presence to effectively engage your community. Let us help you strategize how you can meet your students, teachers, and parents where they are.

Fundraising & Development

Our team has years of experience helping schools raise money in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s helping you create a 24-hour giving campaign or promoting your weekend car wash, let us help you generate additional revenue to impact your students.

Enrollment Marketing

Competition is increasing each and every year for schools of all shapes and sizes. Let us help you come up with a strategy to ensure you're engaging with prospective students and parents in an impactful way.

Strategic Communications

As a school, you have a large internal and external audience that expects constant communication from you. Are you doing this to the best of your ability? Let us help you tell your school’s story in a way that resonates with your audience.

Creative Services

Do you have a bottleneck of design projects that are adding up? Whether it’s print or online, our team is well versed in everything Adobe and can produce high-quality assets efficiently so you can have the freedom to focus on other projects.

Branded Merchandise

School branded merchandise and apparel is how your brand comes to life, on and off campus. Customize high quality merchandise with us to embody the emotion and voice you want to represent in your community.

Website Development

Your website serves as the central hub of information for your school. Does your website need a complete overhaul or a minor facelift? Our team can help keep your website fresh and up-to-date.

Digital Marketing

Whether you're looking to drive attendance at school events or sell merchandise through online ads, our team of experts can implement a cost-effective digital marketing strategy to help you create awareness and drive additional revenue for your school.

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