Austin Rhodes is the president and co-founder of Rhodes Branding

Meet your team.

Relationships are everything to us. When you partner with Rhodes Branding, you’re partnering with a living, breathing human that you’ll know by name. We’re not another application you have to manage or another login on your never-ending list of accounts. Think of us as a colleague, working right alongside you.

Michael is an enthusiast for clean, vivid design and transforming concepts into eye-catching creative solutions. He guides the development of creative materials from conception to production.

Michael Belton

Associate Creative Director

Lindsey Burkhart Rhodes Branding

With a background in management, design, accounts receivable and payable, and HR, Lindsey helps keep everything running smoothly here at Rhodes Branding.

Lindsey Burkhart

Administrative Manager

John Loveday Rhodes Branding

A high-energy leader with an extensive background in education, John works directly with our clients to help them innovate and grow in critical areas, which allows them to serve their students and the communities at the highest level possible.

John Loveday

Vice President of Innovation & Growth

Charnita is responsible for working with clients on a wide array of social media and digital initiatives to enhance their brand.

Charnita Mack

Client Success Manager

Austin Rhodes is the president and co-founder of Rhodes Branding.

Austin’s vision of creating powerful brand experiences led him to found Rhodes Branding in 2019 with his brother, Thomas.

Austin Rhodes

President, Co-Founder

Jennifer Tausch is the Vice President of Creative at Rhodes Branding

Jennifer is a highly accomplished branding visionary and creative director with an extensive track record of success delivering the leadership, strategies, and creative insights to propel brands to new levels of performance.

Jennifer Tausch

Vice President of Creative

Dan Wyar headshot

Dan excels at identifying the needs of our clients, developing innovative strategies and delivering measurable results that directly impact their success.

Dan Wyar

Vice President of Operations

Soda City

Rhodes Branding HQ is located in the heart of Columbia, S.C., on Millwood Avenue, just a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown. Home to one of the nation’s top universities, Columbia is a place that is growing rapidly every year. The city is friendly, walkable, and full of places to eat and play and gather with friends and family. The capital of South Carolina and home to Congaree National Park, Columbia was recently ranked #4 nationally in a list of U.S. cities millennials are moving to. Long story short: we love it here.