Jennifer Tausch is the Vice President of Creative at Rhodes Branding

Jennifer Tausch

Vice President of Creative

Jennifer is a highly accomplished branding visionary and creative director with an extensive track record of success delivering the leadership, strategies, and creative insights to propel brands to new levels of performance. A key aspect of her job is to start with the end in mind in order to deliver an experience that’s relevant, actionable, and necessary for growth. 

In her position, Jennifer shapes the Rhodes Branding process, elevate the creative output, and develop new brand strategies. Her focus is to understand industry pain points and customer desires.

Jennifer comes from working on a legacy of billion-dollar brands, internal and external with Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Kimberly Clark, ConAgra as well as with agencies; LPK, CBX, and Enjen. Her last position before joining us was the Head of the Design Department at the Art Academy of Cincinnati where teaching and facilitating students through Design Thinking processes allowed her to share her knowledge of brand strategy, design discipline, and creating compelling experiences from consumer insights.


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