Austin (left) and Thomas (right) founded Rhodes Branding in 2019.

Our founding story

Raised by an educator and inspired by years working in the K-12 space, brothers Austin and Thomas, decided to launch an agency in 2019 with a simple goal in mind: lead schools to change the narrative about education to win the hearts and minds of those in their community.

Rhodes Branding has quickly become a thought-leading firm that is sought out to transform educational institutions. Our business model is simple: relationships first, business second. Strong schools are the lifeblood of a healthy community, which is why Rhodes Branding only focuses on serving the education space.

Strong schools are the lifeblood of a healthy community, which is why we initially launched Rhodes Branding with a sole focus on serving the K-12 education space.


As a team of strategists, creatives, and communications professionals, we know that schools need a partner who understands the evolving landscape and can bring forward-leaning solutions to the table.


Our mission is to help education leaders make bold, positive changes in the lives of students and to build a transformative, dynamic, influential, progressive, and intrepid agency that attracts and retains passionate and ambitious people. 


Our vision is to be the standard of excellence for those seeking a bold and positive transformation in the lives of students so that every child can reach their fullest potential.