Student enrollment concerns, hard-to-fill staffing positions, reputation issues – with everything on a superintendent’s plate, why should branding make the list?

Strong branding can ultimately impact each of the key business metrics for which school leaders are responsible. This drives a district’s ability to recruit prospective families and employees or nurtures district pride among current school families. 

And as with all aspects throughout a district, the superintendent’s leadership in brand positioning sets the tone for schools. 

By ensuring buy-in and consistency from their cabinet and building principals, and prioritizing a customer experience of excellence, a superintendent paves the way for branding success and cohesion.

A brand is more than just the logo (or visual identity). A district’s brand strategy encompasses the multiple “touchpoints” that current and prospective students, families, and employees have with – or how they experience – their schools and district.

The Branding Playbook for District Leaders

graphic rendering of a book titled "The Branding Playbook for District Leaders"

In the new Branding Playbook for District Leaders, Rhodes Branding, in partnership with Finalsite, details why a district’s brand impacts schools, the superintendent’s role in branding, and how school leaders can respond to competition in district enrollment and employment.

The eBook, downloadable for FREE over at Finalsite, details why branding is necessary for K12 school districts, and includes steps and tools needed to build a good brand, including:

  • Distinguishing national trends impacting district leadership
  • Understanding the current obstacles to enrollment and employment 
  • Understanding how different generations experience a brand
  • Where to start a school district branding process, and
  • Launching and sustaining a school district brand
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