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A letter from our co-founders, Austin and Thomas Rhodes.


Thank you for reading this short letter and venturing onto our website!

Rhodes Branding is a mission-driven group of individuals passionate about helping our K-12 friends tell their story in a more impactful and efficient way. We believe in powerful communications, marketing and education coming together to aid in the advancement of our nation’s youth.

Our framework is very similar to any marketing agency in the sense that everyone has their technical skills and talents, we have a hip office and we love our cappuccinos. But there are some huge differences. We work alongside school districts and schools every day and with that, it creates a culture that can only be described using one word: family. We are not helping our clients sell another widget or enter into a new market like other agencies. We are helping our education friends spend more time focusing on the students in their classrooms and hallways and build relationships with fellow educators and community members.

The ideal team member, no matter the skills, talents or background, needs to have a serving attitude. People are either givers or takers, and, with an office full of givers, our office is like no other. If you are an authentic giver with skills and a passion for helping others, we would love it if you applied for one of our openings. Our company is growing rapidly and we welcome you to learn more by filling out the forms below.

All the best,

Austin and Thomas Rhodes
Austin and Thomas Rhodes are the co-founders of Rhodes Branding

Positions we’re currently hiring:

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