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Unite Your Team.
Clarify Your Brand.
Own Your Market.

Creating a deeper understanding of who you are, what your brand stands for, and solid positioning that better reflects your mission, vision, and values doesn’t happen overnight. 

Our Brand Immersion Workshops usually begin with indecision and uncomfortable conversations as we peel back the onion. But, the result is the clarity and alignment needed to unite your team and position you for success in today’s competitive market. 

Our Brand Immersion Workshops leave your team united, clear and energized about where you’re headed.

While the outcomes vary from organization to organization, our Brand Immersion Workshops give you the clarity and alignment needed to unite your team and position you for success in today’s competitive market. 

Austin Rhodes is the president and co-founder of Rhodes Branding, a K-12 education marketing agency.
Brand workshop

Your brand is guided by unique values and beliefs that make a difference in the world.

Brand Immersion Workshops draw out different ideas and opinions that aid in aligning your team. This isn’t our first rodeo, and we will facilitate discussion that brings out your points of difference, vision, voice, and so much more. We will captain the relay team and hand over the baton as you set goals and priorities that guide your organization into the future.

How does it work?

Rhodes Branding’s Brand Immersion Workshops are guided by our team at your office location, an off-site meeting space, or at our office in Columbia, S.C. The Brand Immersion Workshops are a turn-key solution and we provide a proven agenda with exercises, materials, and expert facilitation from our team. We also provide food, beverages, snacks, and plenty of coffee!

Our Brand Immersion Workshops explore these critical areas:



If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. In this portion, we will help narrow down who your target audience is and how to speak directly to them.



What do you want your parents and community members to experience when they engage with your brand? Our creative exercise will help determine how you sell yourself to internal and external stakeholders.



Why would a family or prospective employee choose you over the other options available to them? Our creative exercise will help narrow down words that you associate with your brand’s values and character.



How can you bring your brand to life through marketing, public relations, communications, etc., given what we know? This exercise will determine your Brand Archetype and recommendations for how to craft content.


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