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When you start a relationship with Rhodes Branding, you’ll know us by name and won’t rely on any automated platforms. We’re a human-driven communications resource that’s focused on helping you stand out. When you entrust us with your brand, image and reputation, we take it seriously. Your success is our success.

Win the hearts and minds of your community.

Education is evolving faster than ever. The choices of where a student can study are growing, and schools of all shapes, sizes, and stature must define what they stand for and what sets them apart.

At Rhodes Branding, we partner with districts and individual schools to bring their brand to life with personalized solutions and best practices to make you more:

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Whether you know it or not, you already have a brand. But does anyone understand it? Is it simple? We help you craft and tell your story in a way that is simple to everyone who interacts with you. We bring clarity.


This is the flip side of clarity. Simple? Yes. Boring? No. Your school’s brand has to touch and inspire people. It has to establish an emotional connection, and do so in an engaging way. People have to care.


Schools with strong brands find ways to evolve and surprise. But, they do it in a consistent manner. We help you create consistent expectations and deliver on them over and over again. So your clear message and your compelling story never grow old.


Students and parents see and hear about different schools every day. The very best ones are truly unique. You have to stand out. You have to be different. You can’t be just another choice; you have to be the choice.

We’ve had the opportunity to impact thousands of students through partnering with a few of the clients below.

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