How are you setting yourself apart?

In these uncertain times, schools that have clarified their brand message and developed a consistent, compelling and unique story are more likely to thrive.


Featured Project: Oak Ridge Schools

Visual Identity Rebrand

As one of the top school districts in the state of Tennessee known for innovative STEM programs and a unique history, Oak Ridge Schools came to us in need of a brand refresh that reflected its current values and tied into its history.

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Let's have a conversation so we can hear what your needs are and how we might be able to help you. Our initial phone calls take about 20-30 minutes.

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Brand Development

Brands are more than just names and logos, they are the complete personality of the organization, reflected at every touchpoint. A clear brand image requires a consistent look, voice and message across all mediums, from your website to social media accounts. Whether you’re looking to tighten up your school’s message, or completely overhaul your visual identity, we can help you.

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Digital & Social Media Strategy

The average person spends more than two hours per day online, which means you need to have a solid social and digital presence to effectively engage your community. Let us help you strategize how you can meet your students, teachers, and parents where they are. Arguably the most important benefit of social media is the relationships you build through interacting with your audience.

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Enrollment Marketing

We work with individual schools and districts to ensure every touchpoint with a prospective family is meaningful, resonates and showcases their brand in the best possible light. Now more than ever, considering your touch points with families in your surrounding area, is key. When a new family moves to the area and asks to go on a tour of your school, are you prepared to wow them? When they leave, what are they leaving with? What’s the follow-up communication look like? Are you targeting them with online advertisements or hitting their email inbox with additional information in a timely fashion?

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When you start a relationship with Rhodes Branding, you’ll know us by name and won’t rely on any automated platforms or call centers. We’re real people who have decades of hands-on experience in education, working with people like you. We extend the bandwidth of communications and PR teams (like yours) that are chronically overworked and under-resourced. Sound familiar? Let’s chat. Our team is ready to hit the ground running with you.

Client Testimonials

Lexington School District 4

Rhodes Branding is a pleasure to work with. The services and pricing options are a great fit for us and allow us flexibility as our needs change. The team is professional and highly responsive. Their service is exceptional!

Henderson County Public Schools

As a communications department of one for a medium-sized school district, Rhodes Branding has been the perfect solution to support creative design and extend my limited bandwidth, while providing flexibility in pricing structure.

Milford Independent School District

Rhodes Branding has supported our marketing campaign with a first class customer service approach, innovative branding strategies and multi-tier levels of strategic systems.