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If you’re ready for a bold transformation, you’ve come to the right place.

what we do

Keeping your eyes set on tomorrow.

When we partner together, we’re going to help you strategically position your school for tomorrow and the years to come.

We approach our partnership methodically in order to understand what will move the needle with your community and help you deploy best practices that prepare you for long-term success.


The correct strategy will drive meaningful results for your school. Starting with a discovery process, we get to know you and understand your goals and expectations. Then, we map out tactics and identify metrics and KPIs to track our progress.


Every aspect of the creative must serve your objectives. A unique combination of strategic storytelling and creative flair leads our team to develop impactful and influential content that will resonate with your community.

Marketing & Public Relations

Being both a strategic and creative firm, our process is based on listening, learning, and understanding your brand. We help you connect the dots between brand strategy and marketing tactics needed to grow your brand.

“Rhodes Branding has supported our marketing campaign with a first-class customer service approach, innovative branding strategies and multi-tier levels of strategic systems.”

– Vernon Orndorff

Our Work

Are you ready to thrive?

Education is evolving faster than ever. In the 21st century, schools that have clarified their brand and developed a consistentcompelling and unique narrative are more likely to thrive.

When you partner with Rhodes Branding, you’re working with a team that is dedicated to helping you control your narrative and change the trajectory of your student experience.

our approach

Bringing awareness and truth to the forefront.

Rhodes Branding was born out of a belief that every student should be proud of where they go to school. When you partner with us, that original belief and vision is kept at the forefront of our work together. 

To know where we’re going together, we dive deep into where you’ve been and develop a roadmap to help you change the narrative and ensure your long-term success.