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Vance County Schools

Rolling out a bold and innovative strategic plan.

Located an hour outside of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Henderson enjoys a small-town feel and proximity to Kerr Lake, making it an enticing destination for families. Vance County School District adds to the allure of Henderson through its commitment to providing a world-class education. Consisting of 16 schools serving over 5,000 students, Vance County ranked as the 19th most diverse county in NC, with most of its schools ranking above average, according to 


Vance County called on us to roll out their strategic plan in a more innovative and forward-thinking way. With their revitalized approach, we were tasked with developing a strategic plan website and print piece. 

To kick off our partnership, our team attended Vance’s strategic planning sessions, where their leadership began to chart the course for their new plan. What became evident was that Superintendent, Dr. Cindy Bennett, was ready to level up the planning process to create meaningful change for the district. 

Our team had the opportunity to provide feedback during the planning process, which contributed to the plan’s four pillars: Equity & Inclusion, High-Performance Culture, Innovation, and Experimental Learning.

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