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Podcast: A Conversation on Branding with Leoni Consulting Group 

Branding is a buzzword in today’s competitive marketplace, but how do we define it as K-12’s only branding-led marketing communications firm?

Rhodes Branding President and Co-Founder, Austin Rhodes, dives into this topic on an episode of All Things Marketing and Education. The podcast is hosted by Elana Leoni of Leoni Consulting Group (LCG), a California-based agency working in the EdTech industry.

Together, Austin and Elana unpack the nuances of branding and its significance in the education landscape. They discuss what it means for educators and EdTech companies to create and invest in their brands, as well as the indicators of successful branding.

As Austin explains, branding is more than a logo. It’s about establishing the foundation that makes up the soul of an organization, encompassing its values, mission, and unique identity. 

“It boils down to leadership and culture,” he says. “It’s about owning those parts of your culture and sharing it with your audience so that you stand out.”

With Austin’s extensive experience in the industry, the episode offers valuable insights into how leaders in education can change the narrative, approach their branding conversations, and create a lasting impact.

Join Austin and Elana by listening to the episode here

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