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COLUMBIA, S.C., April 15, 2024 — Rhodes Branding, a mission-led branding and marketing agency exclusively serving K-12 education, is proud to announce an annual partnership with the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS), designed to serve thousands of school system administrators with leadership development in school branding, marketing, and engagement strategies. 

An umbrella organization serving 13 affiliate organizations, CLAS is Alabama’s premier school leader organization, providing high-quality professional development for its more than 4,300 members.

Through this new partnership with Rhodes Branding, CLAS will leverage the agency’s expertise in key areas like competitive K-12 brand-building, engagement strategy, and enrollment and recruitment marketing, to enhance its 2024 professional development catalog for member superintendents, district administrators, principals, and other school and school system administrators.

“Our team is dedicated to building more than just strong brands; we’re committed to nurturing the future of education,” said Austin Rhodes, the agency’s president and co-founder. “We aim to empower the K-12 leaders in Alabama with proven branding and marketing strategies to understand, own, and promote what sets them apart, to remain culturally relevant and competitive in the education space.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Rhodes Branding, a leader in school branding, marketing, and engagement strategies. This collaboration reflects CLAS’s commitment to providing our members with innovative resources and tools to enhance their leadership skills and drive positive change in Alabama schools. Together, we aim to empower educators with the knowledge and strategies needed to create impactful and engaging school environments that support student success,” said CLAS Executive Director Dr. Vic Wilson.

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About CLAS

CLAS, the Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools was founded in 1969 by a small group of school leaders to provide targeted professional development and support for Alabama’s public school administrators.  CLAS now serves 13 affiliates representing each type of public school/school system leader.  CLAS provides the framework to connect dedicated school administrators and other successful leaders with a network for professional growth and support.  CLAS is the premier professional development provider for administrators in public schools in the state of Alabama.

About Rhodes Branding

A mission-led strategic branding and marketing agency exclusively serving K-12 education, Rhodes Branding is proud to have impacted over 1 million students through its work. Rhodes Branding inspires education leaders to reimagine cultural relevance as the cornerstone of success, igniting innovative strategies that empower schools to flourish in a dynamic and competitive educational environment. 

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