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Thomas Sumter Academy

Strategic marketing services for the school on “The Hill”

Thomas Sumter Academy Testimonial

“Working with Rhodes Branding has been a fantastic experience! Throughout the partnership, Rhodes has been great to work with and has produced some incredible additions to our marketing avenues. We greatly appreciate all of Rhodes' hard work and dedication to these projects and bettering our awesome school!"

Tanner Brunson

Admissions Office


With nearly 40 percent of its families serving at nearby Shaw Air Force Base, Thomas Sumter Academy (TSA) often experiences year-over-year enrollment fluctuations. Yet, its hallmarks of a high-quality education, safe and supportive environment, focus on servant leadership, and 100 percent graduation rate make it a top private school choice in the region. 

To refine the TSA brand, support enrollment efforts, and boost general awareness, TSA partnered with Rhodes Branding in the 2022-23 school year. 

The partnership kicked off with a Brand Immersion Workshop. Through hands-on, interactive exercises, we helped the TSA team identify key target audiences, define the brand, and establish a value proposition. We then leveraged their new brand platform to refine their website design and user experience. We digitized the first step in their enrollment process, leading to more than 300 application downloads within the first 4 months. 

In the spring, our creative team produced “These Halls,” a video that delves into the fundamental principles of a TSA education. It focuses on the profound influence the school has on every student who steps foot in its corridors. The aim of this video was to integrate the insights gained from the Brand Workshop and showcase the distinctive aspects that set TSA apart from other educational institutions. We carefully crafted the video to offer viewers a glimpse into TSA by highlighting its inclusive environment, commitment to competitive cheer, and strong sense of family.

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