SC Charter

Rebranding South Carolina’s most established charter authorizer.

Leading into a new school year, we helped the South Carolina Public Charter School District unveil a refreshed brand identity and website. The rebrand conveyed the district’s core values and established SCPCSD as the leading authorizer of innovative K-12 public charter schools in South Carolina.


We worked diligently with the SC Charter team for several months to reimagine the district’s identity as it moved out of the COVID-19 pandemic and into a new year.

Throughout this process, we engaged a diverse group of voices from the district to inform the direction of the new visual identity and website. The new identity aligns with the district’s mission to provide every student in South Carolina with access to academic opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

The new iconic South Carolina glyph featured in the visual identity includes an updated color palette that depicts the district’s core values: optimism, innovation, advocacy, diversity, excellence, and relationships. We wanted to give South Carolina Public Charter School District the platform to ground some big leaps forward, and a strong brand is a foundation for these steps. The new identity clearly defines where the district wants to go in the future.

Enhancements to the new included a new look, intuitive design for easy navigation, and an upgraded engagement experience for families, students, and those interested in starting a charter school in South Carolina.

We designed this website better to serve the district’s current and prospective families as they continued to learn more about their needs and the experience they expect with the SC Charter brand. The new website is more user-friendly and compliant and will help SC Charter better tell student and staff achievement stories across its district.


Since launching the new brand and website, SC Charter has added several new schools to its district. Additionally, SC Charter’s HubSpot Website Grader Score has increased dramatically, and several compliance issues have been fixed.


new schools added since brand launch


website compliance issues fixed

0 %

improvement in HubSpot Website Grader Score

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