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SC Whitmore School

Refreshing the brand of a virtual charter high school.

South Carolina Whitmore School is a virtual high school that admits students from everywhere in the state. A fully-accredited, free public charter school, SCWS students can complete high school at their own pace, with some students finishing as early as three years.


Rhodes Branding recently completed a rebrand and enrollment marketing project with SC Whitmore School, a fully virtual public charter high school located in South Carolina. The project aimed to improve the school’s branding, messaging, and marketing efforts, with the ultimate goal of increasing enrollment. The project involved a new visual identity system, a new messaging framework, and ongoing marketing support. 

The scope of work for the project included a comprehensive rebrand and enrollment marketing plan. We first conducted a thorough analysis of the school’s existing branding, messaging, and marketing efforts. Based on our assessment, we proposed a new visual identity system, a new messaging framework, and ongoing marketing support. 

The new visual identity system we created for SC Whitmore included a new logo, color palette, and typography. The new logo was designed to be modern and memorable, with a strong connection to the school’s mission and values. The color palette was also modernized to add flexibility, and typography was chosen to be contemporary, clean, and easily readable.

Our team developed a new messaging framework for SC Whitmore that focused on its unique selling proposition and tips for internal and external communications. 

We provided ongoing marketing support to SC Whitmore, designed to be consistent with the new visual identity and messaging framework and aimed at reaching potential students and parents across South Carolina. 

Rhodes Branding’s rebrand and enrollment marketing project with SC Whitmore has resulted in a wait list for the school and improved brand recognition. The new visual identity system and messaging framework have helped to position the school as a flexible and high-quality online education option in South Carolina, while the ongoing marketing support has helped to maintain the school’s visibility and attract new students.


SC Whitmore’s rebrand and ongoing marketing efforts have led to more than a 25 percent enrollment increase. The school currently has a waiting list.


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